Who We Are

Encouragement Well offers itsencouragement well heart readers the opportunity to ask questions, tell their stories and receive answers that are practical, straightforward and not driven by any outside agenda.  Our goal is to create a community of like-minded thinkers that people can turn to for support, encouragement and inspiration.  Even so, the advice provided and ensuing conversation will be honest and forthright that at times will include “generous” criticism.  Generous in the sense that it will be constructive and not destructive in nature.  Along the way, hopefully readers will be entertained by humor, wit and wisdom.

The world is in need of voices that provide consistent, stable and sound direction.  We are being drown in hyperbolic conversation and thought leaders that seem driven to divide rather than unite us.  These phenomena are driving dissension between family members, communities and nations.  Encouragement Well and Unc Watson understand that we cannot by ourselves change the world.  However, together with a large enough community of people demanding a different type of conversation, we can change how it is we talk to each other and develop a path to common ground between those with opposing interests.

Our hope is that you will join us in building a community of thinkers who seek to support, encourage and inspire those who are seeking direction.  And in doing so, regardless of our own personal interests and bias, in a way that assists even those with whom we may fundamentally disagree.